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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Corner of My Home - Fireplace Room

This space has been our indoor hang out for the last six weeks. The sun starts to fill this room at noon, and after a few hours of gardening, gathering for circle time and playing we are ready to come in. We inhale and sit in our sun soaked room, perhaps with a cup of tea. I look forward to colder days and a fire in the fireplace, but for now we will enjoy the leaves dancing sunlight on the floors and walls.  Our days have been calm and inquisitive. We do a lot of baking, housekeeping, handwork, gardening, storytelling, painting, singing, playing music and beautiful lesson work. My trickiest job is to  focus on the breath of the day, inhaling and exhaling. Knowing when it is time to go out to play and when it is time to sit quietly and work on a lesson. We follow a daily rhythm and sometimes we sway from it depending on the day. Being mindful of this larger breath in our lives is key to creating an atmosphere that we all flourish in. No one is rushed, or interrupted. I am not recreating a school environment, I am aspiring to create a rich family life. We home educate our children because we value the slow lifestyle. My photos don't capture the whining or the upsets, as those feelings are usually never my focus. They exist in our lives and they are great markers for what is really important to us: to be loved and to know how to respect one another. I want my children to value family life and to value each other.  Creating a life at home and being fully present as a Mother gives us that opportunity. The best part of my day is when I hear that certain kind of hum that begins to happen when I am with my daughters, quietly doing my handwork or reading a book. They feel secure, loved and free to create and play without worries from the outside world. I secretly listen to their rich and wonderful imaginations, learning about them and their fascinating inner life. Motherhood has blessed me with this work. 

Namaste, Nicole


  1. How I wish to be a stay at home mommy like you :(

  2. I wish all the mothers that wish to stay at home could!!
    We make many sacrifices for me to stay home. Children needed a devoted, loving caregiver - it is just extra nicer if it is their Mother. I believe some Mom's are glad to go to work, and sometimes the child is better for it. I feel sad for those who want to stay home but can not afford it. I will say a prayer for you Autumn. Speak to the universe - she is listening.

    L, N

  3. Nicole, your words and pictures are so inspiring. I'm currently working on our rhythm and environment to make it more suited to the children and to a peaceful family life. A beautiful testimony to your work as a mother : )


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